Your romantic trip around the city and its beaches will start as soon as you go up to the cable car station located on the territory of the complex.

It won’t be possible to enjoy Odessa full of magic without taking a cable car ride to the sea. This short trip allows the passengers to get in the atmosphere of South Palmyra in the times of Alexandr Pushkin, Anna Akhmatova and Isaac Babel, sparkling jokes of Mikhail Zhvanetsky and merry songs of Leonid Utyosov. “Ah, Odessa …”, – the first words that come to mind while enjoying the panorama of the yacht club, a training ground of  the football club “Chernomorets”, the Path of Health and the entire Black Sea Riviera. After an incredible feeling of weightlessness during the cable car ride, new impressions are waiting for the guests as soon as the cable car touches the lower station.

Otrada Beach is the Garden of Eden at the tender Black Sea shore. Fragrant with floral aroma, the beach is justly considered the only corner of magic, silence and peace in Odessa. Every day the sand is sifted by hand for a comfortable and safe beach rest. The territory of Otrada Beach is decorated with hundreds of flowering bushes, which delight the eye. There are also carved arbors to hide from the sun or just enjoy the company of friends. Professional rescuers provide safety of vacationers.

The guests of the Grand Otrada Hotel choose solitude and relaxation on the best city beach with its own infrastructure and enjoy time in the lounge bar, ideal for a refreshing drink or just a light snack.

An authentic wooden bridge leads to the far corner of the beach. The view is breathtaking in its beauty when you walk over a stream of fresh water sparkling and shining in bright sunshine. It seems that heaven on earth is possible!

The sea lives in every one of us